Bedingungen der Bestellung

1. Sales Terms fulfillment

1.1. The current Sales Terms are valid for customers (the Clients) and owners, AA ILUDUS OÜ, hereinafter referred to as The exchange of goods is based on law.
1.2. General Sales Terms can't conflict with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and if necessary (in case of a dispute or some information missing), other provisions shall be added.
1.3. In addition to regulating the relationship between the Client and, the Sales Terms also contain information on the products, price formation, goods and best practices.
1.4. reserves the right to change unilaterally terms and product prices for the purpose of its operational efficiency, competitiveness, development and further reorganization in order to add new products or change the range of products available. Modified terms, prices and amendments come into effect from the moment the information at is modified. If the Client placed an order before the amendments coming into effect, the order is delivered to the Client under the previous edition of the Terms.
1.5. and the Client wish to make a deal on the sale/purchase of goods from through the website in compliance with the terms set forth in this document. At the site, the Client confirms having read and fully understood the terms of the purchase, agreeing to them.

2. Prices

2.1. prices are in EUR and do not include delivery.
2.2. The cost of delivery depends on the method chosen by the Client when placing an order.
2.3. reserves the right to change prices. The prices shown at the website at the moment of placing an order shall be valid for the Client up until the order has been delivered.

3. Adding products to cart and completing an order

3.1. An item is added to cart when the Client clicks the button "Add to cart".
3.2. Adding an item to cart does not bind the Client to make a purchase.
3.3. The Client may change the contents of the cart by adding or deleting items from it.
3.4. Before the Client's payment is confirmed, the items in the cart may be purchased by other clients.
3.5. To complete an order, the Client must click the button "Confirm payment"
3.6. When placing an order, the Client can choose any method of payment and delivery. It's important to be aware of and the Client's rights.
3.7. How fast the order is processed depends on how specific and accurate the information provided by the Client is. It's important to provide accurate and specific information for the order to be processed properly and with no delays. Upon clicking the button "Send Order", an invoice is sent to the e-mail address provided by the Client.
3.8. A purchase is considered made when the Client has paid at least 50% of the total amount in the invoice sent by within 2 days. The order is shipped when 100% of the invoice amount has been received to account.

4. Payment for the products ordered

4.1. By transferring funds to the account.
4.2. Upon receiving the payment for the goods ordered, the Client receives an e-mail confirmation of the invoice paid.
4.3. If the Client has not received the e-mail confirmation, they should contact the store by within 1 hour from the moment the order was placed.
4.4. When an invoice is sent to the Client, it already contains all the payment details required.
4.5. If the payment has not been made to account within 5 business days, the order is annulled.

5. Delivery of products and their transfer

5.1. Upon the Sales Terms coming into effect (after clauses 3.8 and 1.5 have been fulfilled), the goods are shipped to the address specified by the Client when placing the order.
5.2. The Client may choose any of the following delivery methods:
5.2.1. Deutschen Post within Germany - 0 EUR

Price list
Deutschen Post within Germany 0 EUR

5.3. reserves the right to make changes to the delivery methods available.
5.4. Providing accurate and specific information when placing an order will prevent delays and misunderstandings when delivering the products ordered. shall not be held liable for any delays and misunderstandings if those were caused by incorrect or insufficiently specific information provided by the Client when placing the order.
5.5. If the delivery address changes, the Client must inform of that fact, providing a new delivery address as soon as possible. If the product has already been shipped, it's impossible to change the delivery address.
5.6. When a package has been shipped by, the Client receives a notification to the e-mail specified when placing the order.

6. Order cancellation and return of the products

6.1. reserves the right to cancel the Client's order if the invoice has not been paid in full within 5 days or during the period agreed upon with the Client.
6.2. After making an advance payment (but before the goods are delivered) the Client has the right to cancel the order by sending a request to The request must contain the order/invoice number. An advance payment in the amount of 7 EUR shall not be returned to the Client. The remaining amount of the advance payment for the order cancelled is returned to the Client's bank account within two business days, but no later than 30 business days from the moment the request was received.
6.3. If the item is not acceptable or does not meet the Client's expectations, it can be returned within 16 business days from the moment it was received. The item being returned must be unused and undamaged, with all the original labels and in its original packaging. The money for the item is returned to the Client's account within 2 business days, but no later than 30 days from the moment the item was received from To return the item, the Client must send a request to
6.4. Any expenses related to returning the item shall be covered by the Client.
6.5. The Client covers all the expenses related to returning the item and not exceeding 10 EUR, except for cases when the item received is not the item ordered.
6.6. If the Client wishes to exchange an item for a different one or the same item of a different size, the Client covers postal expenses for the item being returned. covers postal expenses related to sending a new item, once. The Client covers postal expenses for any further exchanges made.
6.7. covers expenses related to the return of the item in case it has defects that were impossible to detect during visual inspection and that were not discovered once the package was opened, or if the item is not what the Client ordered.

7. Warranty and return of defective goods

7.1. According to the Liability Rights Act (article 11, paragraph 218, page 2), the Client has the right to make a claim within two years from the moment of receiving the product. If a defect is discovered within the first six months, it's assumed it has been there from the moment of receiving the item. The nature of the defect is determined by
7.2. If the defect is determined to be of a technological nature, the Client may demand for the item to be repaired. If repairing the item is not expected to be efficient or possible, the Client may demand for the item to be replaced. The Client may demand a refund in case such a replacement is impossible within a reasonable time period due to lack of a suitable item, according to the Liability Rights Act (article 11, paragraph 222, page 1)
7.3. Upon the discovery of a defect, the Client must send an e-mail to containing the following information: name and contact information of the Client; date of making a claim; the defect discovered in the item; concrete claim made; invoice number; photos and, if possible, a copy of the receipt.
7.4. A proper claim must be submitted no later than within 2 months from the moment of discovering the defect. If the Client does not make a claim within this period (except for cases when it was impossible due to valid reasons), their right to demand for the item to be repaired free of charge or replaced is waived.
7.5. shall not be held liable for:
7.5.1. any damages to the item due to the Client's fault or negligence.
7.5.2. any defects resulting from using the item for purposes other than intended.
7.5.3. any wear and tear resulting from using the item as intended.

8. Liability and force-majeure

8.1. is liable to the Client for any damages resulting from it violating the current Terms under the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.
8.2. The Client is liable to for any damages resulting from it violating the current Terms under the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.
8.3. Neither of the parties is liable for any damages resulting from delays or non-fulfillment of its obligations if this was caused by force-majeure circumstances they had no control over.
8.4. shall not compensate for moral damage that may have resulted from any changes made to the prices, delivery time etc. within the current Terms.
8.5. shall not compensate for the expenses of the Client resulting from the Client's liability before third parties (unrelated to on conditions contradicting the current Terms.
8.6. shall not compensate for any loss of opportunities as a result of changes made to the delivery time, prices and other terms.

9. Other terms

9.1. uses personal information provided by the Client exclusively to process the Client's orders. This information is confidential: it is not made available to third parties, except for cases when the delivery method selected by the Client provides for it and cases when it's required to do so by law.
9.2. reserves the right to send information on new goods and advantageous offers to the Client.
9.3. For any issues that are not regulated by the current Terms, the Client and shall rely on laws of the Republic of Estonia and other acts regulating relationships between two parties.
9.4. Any arguments and disputes arising from fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the current Terms shall be resolved through negotiations. If any disputes arising from the current Terms could not be resolved by means of negotiations, both the Client and have the right to apply to court or the Department of Consumer Protection.

10. Final Provisions

10.1. The law of Estonia shall be applied to the current Terms and the purchase/sale agreement. If any of the provisions of the Sales Terms is no longer valid, it shall not affect the validity of other provisions and the purchase/sale agreement itself. In this case, the invalid provision shall be substituted with another provision closest to it in terms of its legal and economic importance.

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